Digital Facilitation Training

The world of work is moving online. Many organisations are facing the need to adapt their events, meetings and team work to the online context. Our digital facilitation training supports you to design and facilitate engaging and efficient digital events. Learn tools and techniques to increase participation and collaboration online. Build your capacity to facilitate group discussions and processes. Use digital tools to create connection and deliver valuable experiences to participants.

Who is it for?

The training is for organisations and networks who wish to build their internal capacity to design and facilitate online events and meetings.

It is available for group sizes of 6 – 12 participants.

What is included?

4 x 3 hour live online workshops
Workshop recordings & presentations
Workbook with tools, methods & templates

Customised trainings available on request.
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Over a period of 2-6 weeks:

12 hours workshops (4x3 hours)

1-2 hours between workshops for practical implementation

Additional support and consultation time as required.
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With 20 year facilitation experience, I’m getting up to speed on virtual facilitation quite fast and “knew” most of what you shared. But it’s not what you know that matters, it’s how you know it and here you made a clear difference. And you brought over the key message “by doing” not by talking.
Martin Aldergard
Senior Partner, Enpeo

How can our organisation...

  • host online events which recreate the experience of in-person events?
  • adapt our event, meeting or workshop formats to the online environment?
  • build our internal capacity to design and facilitate online events and meetings?
  • integrate digital tools which enhance rather than distract from participant’s experience?
  • provide a valuable and interactive experience for our participants?

The Training

Our digital facilitation training equips you with tools and techniques to design, plan and facilitate your online events and meetings. We balance the technical and interpersonal aspects of digital facilitation to create engaging experiences for participants.

We can tailor our training to suit your requirements and level of experience, as well as adapt to the digital tools and platforms you have access to. We also offer our training in combination with event conceptualisation to best support you to deliver a valuable and enjoyable experience for participants and organisers.

To find out about prices for our standardised and customised trainings, get in touch.
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Learning Outcomes

Learn and practice tools and techniques to:
  • Design online meetings and events to increase engagement
  • Create interaction and engagement in creative ways
  • Integrate digital tools which support your work
  • Build psychological safety online
  • Adapt in-person events to the online environment
  • Practice and receive feedback on facilitation and session design

Training Sessions

Explore the topics which we dive into together over the four sessions of the training.

Foundations of digital facilitation


Tools and methods for designing online meetings, events and workshops

In the second workshop we dive deeper into interactive tools and methods which encourage engagement and action. In addition to introducing methods, the focus is on exploring the context in which they can be used and what to consider when planning and designing an event, workshop or meeting. We also look at other roles (e.g. "time-keeper" or "minute taker") and discuss how to deal with challenging moments as a facilitator.

Your role as a facilitator


Session design


Add-ons & customisation

Upcoming workshops - see all
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Further Services

We can support you to digitise, conceptualise and facilitate your upcoming workshop, meeting or event.

Online Event Conceptualisation

We design engaging and efficient digital events and meetings. Whether you are digitising an existing offline format, you have already tested your concept and want to improve it, or you have not yet begun to plan your event, together we can design an event which fulfills your needs. We cover various aspects of event conceptualisation, from technical considerations and digital tools, to time management and creative solutions to foster participation, collaboration and connection online. To learn more,
contact us.

Facilitation & Moderation

We facilitate and moderate digital events which are energising and effective. Whether we are hosting an event, moderating a panel discussion or facilitating a workshop, our focus is on creating a smooth and valuable experience for event organisers, guests and participants. We are able to adapt to the digital tools and platforms you have access to in your organisation. We also combine facilitation or moderation with event conceptualisation. To find out how we can support your organisation's next event,
contact us.
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