Meet all our Journey Guides

We got all our journey guides here. Get some first impression of them an feell free to reach out to us for further information.
Johannes Hochholzer
Facilitator, Unity Effect team member and Journey Guide. Consultant for team and organisational development.
Matthias Fecht
Head of Human Resources, Forest Stewardship Council International. My mission is to learn how the inner workings of our mind influence our behavior and decisions and how we can use this to become happier and better at what we do.
Svenja Jesumann
Life Explorer, Human Interactions Manager, Free Spirit, Journey Guide. My purpose: creating an environment for inspiring, healthy, mature human interactions.
Linda Wagner
Excited about sustainability and personal empowerment, grateful for nature's beauty and supportive networks, Journey Guide.
Marina Lynch
Participatory leadership practitioner & coach, Flow Game host, Process designer, Journey Guide. My purpose: creating space for authentic conversations and (personal) leadership to flourish.
Vera Janke
Career & Life Coach, Listening Adventurer, Journey Guide. My purpose: Bringing more listening into the world. One conversation at a time.
Sabrina Meissel
Systemic & animal assisted Coach, Facilitator, HR Manager, Journey Guide. My purpose: creating safe spaces for people to be their best self.
Franziska Kohn
Facilitator, co-founder of Unity Effect, Journey Guide. My purpose: People stepping into their potential. Passionate about personal development and leadership.
Emily Johnston
Facilitator, co-founder of Unity Effect, Journey Guide. Deeply passionate about guiding group processes and empowering people to connect with their purpose and leadership potential.
Clemens Binder
Freelancer with Unity Effect, Journey Guide. Holding spaces, building bridges and inspiring people to realise what makes them come alive. Passionate about networks and social change.
Jannik Kaiser
Co-founder of Unity Effect & Journey Guide. Passionate about co-creating spaces for transformative change. Eternal optimist and talented in telling unfunny jokes.
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Join us for one of our monthly free workshops, sign up for an upcoming Journey, or check out events from others in our network which we recommend.

Upcoming Workshops

November 29, 2023 11:00
1 hour
Resilient and regenerative teamwork: A free workshop for decision-makers in organisations
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This workshop is specially crafted to empower decision-makers at all levels to support and guide their organisations on their path towards becoming more resilient and thriving places to be and work in.

As a project, team or department lead, executive, HR manager or thought leader, your role is essential in shaping the future of your organisation. We invite you to join a free introductory workshop where we provide hands-on experience of our work and outline ways to collaborate with us on topics around team and leadership development, organisational learning, and regenerative measurement and evaluation.

The workshop includes:

  • a short introduction to Unity Effect’s work,
  • a thematic deep dive into a topic chosen by the group,
  • a brief free assessment for your team or organisation, and
  • the chance to ask questions and connect with us.

In our work, we support purpose- and vision-driven organisations such as foundations, development agencies, social enterprises and impact networks. To create the change we wish to see in this world, we know that resilient and regenerative teamwork and creating a collaborative organisational culture are top concerns for leaders like you.

We accompany you in strengthening internal foundations to create long-lasting and systemic change. And we know that this is not an easy task in an increasingly complex world. Workshop takeaways include:

  • first insights into tools and practices to foster a positive culture, promote employee well-being, and nurture innovation and creativity,
  • strategies for responding to internal and external challenges,
  • a first analysis of pressure and leverage points in your own team and organisation, and
  • pathways for collaborating with Unity Effect.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today by registering below or contacting us at: Please note that we host this workshop regularly. If this time does not work for you, have a look at our upcoming workshops.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The Unity Effect Team

​​​​​​​The workshop times are given in Central European Time (CET). We do not record our workshops.

January 17, 2024 16:00
90 minutes
Free Online Workshop: Setting Boundaries & Saying No
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New Year, new me?

Many of us start the new year with resolutions and motivation to do things differently. Yet to make a change, it’s often less about beginning and adding new things, and much more about stopping something “old” that no longer serves us.

That’s why we will start the year looking at boundaries and at saying no. You know that feeling when you say yes to a request or opportunity when you really wanted to say no? It doesn't feel great – and often leads to resentment and overcommitment. If you struggle with this, you are definitely not alone! Imagine how much simpler it would be if we were honest about what is and isn’t ok for us in different situations and communicated that clearly. And if others were clear with us too. Liberating, right? That’s what setting boundaries is all about.
For more information and application please follow the link to eveeno.

February 7, 2024 16:00
90 minutes
Free Online Workshop: Building Trust and Psychological Safety in Teams
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Trust: the magic ingredient for empowered, collaborative and innovative teams. In fact, in a two year study on team performance at Google, researchers found that the most important factor which set successful teams apart was psychological safety: the belief that it’s safe to take risks, make mistakes and be vulnerable with peers. So how can we intentionally build psychological safety and trust in our teams?

For more information and application please follow the link to eveeno.

Upcoming Journeys

Mar 20, 2024
June 12, 2024
Leadership Journey
Application deadline:
February 28, 2024
Join now

The next Leadership Journey is taking place on Wednesdays, 16:00-18:00 CEST/CET. Your Journey Guide is Johannes Hochholzer. Click on his photo to see more.

Events from our network

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