Leading change from the inside out

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Relational and life-centred

Take a moment to reflect on the resources and strengths you and your team already have. What would it look and feel like to bring those fully to life – for a specific project, or for your work in general? In our experience, the key to success is through creating and deepening healthy and trusting relationships: to yourself, to others and to the world at large.

Unity Effect is here to help you approach your work in a relational way: as a living ecosystem that thrives on long-term regenerative collaboration.


How effective is such an organic perspective and relational approach? All the research, models and experience-based knowledge in our Living Library point in the same direction: Creating change requires us to consciously align with the networked and collaborative nature of the world.

Team psychological safety is therefore unsurprisingly the number one ingredient for high-performing teams; a felt sense of meaning is crucial for employee engagement and deep listening is a core leadership capacity.

Relational approaches to work are essential to navigate the 21st century with agency and responsibility. Have a look around to explore how we can team up on this journey.

Hear what our Clients say

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Position, Company name

I learnt that being a leader is a skill that we can all learn. There are some key elements and tools of which mastery and reflection can make us become confident in leading teams and inspiring people.

Ewa Hermanowicz

Together with the Unity Effect team, we piloted the ‘Learning Circle’ peer-learning format with very diverse target groups in 2023. Their broad wealth of experience and great reliability and flexibility to adapt to ever-new contexts were hugely enriching, both for us in the collaboration and for the Learning Circle participants.


Academy for International Cooperation, German Development Cooperation (GIZ)

Thanks to that, for myself I now perceive leadership as the gift and sign of confidence that it is and am happy to assume this role in my organization. We as a team could already implement new structures and tools that help us to grow together and to create a work environment in which we feel safe enough to be ourselves and to bring in all our resources and ideas.

Golde Ebding

Managing board member, migration_miteinander e.V.

Our first digital NachhaltigkeitsCamp Bonn was an experiment for us. Unity Effect was a strong partner during our learning journey. Their mindful approach to groups, the many fresh ideas to work and interact with the participants, and the support during the event, contributed to a successful NachhaltigkeitsCamp. And granted us many happy faces.

Annika Manz & Jana Jagalski

Project leads, Engagement Global

Working with Unity Effect allowed us to pause and reflect on how learning was already happening across our organisation, giving us an external perspective on our strengths and weaknesses. They provided useful recommendations based on their strong understanding of the role of a network. Unity Effect’s approach/methodology is interesting because it is pragmatic, based on ‘experiential learning’: thanks to this, they could easily relate to our context and come up with robustly grounded analysis.

Peggy Sailler

Executive Director, Network of European Foundations

The Kofi Annan Changemakers online and in-person modules greatly benefited from Unity Effect’s expertise in designing and facilitating effective conversations among the participants. Unity Effect’s facilitation helped build a safe space and nurture a sense of community among the participants, acting like the glue across the different components of the programme.

Corinne Momal-Vanian

Executive Director, Kofi Annan Foundation

The Unity Effect team offered an interactive workshop on impact measurement as part of our workshop series on social entrepreneurship. Designed as an introduction to the topic, they did a great job of conveying the theoretical building blocks and engaging participants through practical exercises. Impact measurement is a rather daunting topic for many. But thanks to Unity Effect, it became clear to participants why it is so relevant, how to put it into action and how to even have fun with it!

Ulrike Trenz

Impact Hub Ruhr

We believe that leading change starts within us. It becomes powerful when we work well together in teams. And it becomes systemic when we leverage our wider networks and spaces.

Unity Effect builds capacities and guides the process at every step of your journey, from purpose to meaningful impact.

To embark on this journey requires a shift towards a greater awareness of the complex, interrelated systems that surround us, alongside a greater level of inner clarity, so as to be able to navigate these systems with intention and integrity.

Wondering what this can look like in action? Have a look at our example projects.

Our Approach

Our Clients

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