Download: Giving & Receiving Empowering Feedback Toolbox

Written by
Emily Johnston
July 27, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear the word feedback? Cold chills thinking of hearing hard things about your performance? Awkwardness of sharing negative feedback with a colleague? A yearly routine to be endured? Or frustration at not having a feedback culture where you can voice your concerns? What if instead, we embraced feedback as a key tool to empower ourselves and our teams? 

Giving feedback - and receiving feedback - is a crucial skill for leaders and teams. It helps us keep our team cultures thriving and our working relationships healthy and productive. It enables us to grow and develop ourselves, and to support others and our teams to grow into their potential.

In this toolbox we have put together a number of tips, practices, skills and methods for giving and receiving feedback, along with a couple of reflection exercises. All the methods are ones we use in our team feedback processes, which we have adapted over the years to fit our culture and structures. We suggest trying out the methods and checking what supports you and not, and adapting them to make them your own. We hope this toolbox supports you to create more intentional and empowering feedback conversations.

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About the author
Co-founder of Unity Effect. Endlessly curious about humans being humans. Passionate about authentic leadership and collaborative teamwork. Experimenting with doing things differently.
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