Free Digital Workbook: Powerful Questions for Purposeful Leaders

Written by
Emily Johnston
January 26, 2022

At Unity Effect, we love questions. Questions can support us to access our curiosity and creativity and to think outside our usual frame of reference. Questions can empower and support us and our teams to learn, grow and discover both our blindspots and our potential. They are a central tool on our journey to grow as a leader and change agent.

Over the next six weeks, we want to offer you some powerful questions to guide you in starting out the year. Each week there is a central theme, and for each day of that week there is a question related to that theme.

We have chosen the topics of this workbook following our approach of leading change from the inside out: first focusing on gaining inner clarity (our intentions, vision and desired contribution) and then translating it into outer action (learning, acting in uncertainty and personal strengths).

Connect with us on LinkedIn to join the conversation and feel invited to share it with others in your network who you think might enjoy it as well. We'd love to hear your reflections!

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About the author
Co-founder of Unity Effect. Endlessly curious about humans being humans. Passionate about authentic leadership and collaborative teamwork. Experimenting with doing things differently.
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