Network Assessment

The key to a healthy network lies in the quality of the connections between the people in the network. Yet many networks struggle to create real engagement and meaningful exchange between network members, beyond likes or follows. Tapping into the potential in a network requires shared understanding, learning, leadership and action. We support you to deepen your understanding of your network so that you can strategically leverage it’s collective power.

Workshops & trainings

Interactive formats exploring the building blocks and hidden power of networks, systemic impact measurement and more.

Network Visualisation

Visualise your network to explore hidden relationships and dynamics, identify untapped resources and respond to the needs of different network actors.

Strategic network development

Move from quick-wins to a long-term thriving network by fostering trust, co-ownership and self-organisation in your network.

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Case Study: Global Festival of Action 2019

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Case Study: Forum Zukunft - Mapping local sustainability actors in Bonn

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How to facilitate engaging online meetings with Zoom

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Being a strange attractor

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Further Services

Building an empowered and thriving network is a process. Our guided online program is designed to accompany you on that journey, with a deeper and more lasting impact.

Network Journey

Whether you are initiating a new network or community or deepening the work of an existing one, our Network Journey can support you to foster co-ownership and a shared direction. We guide you to define and strengthen the DNA of your community or professional network, including the purpose, values, central roles and processes. Over a period of 2-4 months, we work with a core group of network representatives in a series of interactive workshops, to develop both the central components of the network, as well as capacities for collective leadership and collaborative action. 
For a practical case, you can read more about our work with the International Labour Organisation here. To learn more about a Journey for your network or community, please
contact us.

Learning and Knowledge Management

Accessing and (re)distributing information is crucial to keep individuals engaged and collaborations flourishing. We support you to build up or strengthen your internal processes to gather and share knowledge, with tips, good practices and guidance for you to unlock the power of shared and actionable knowledge. To find out how you can strengthen knowledge management in your network,
contact us.

How can our network...

  • leverage the potential of our network?
  • tap into the intrinsic motivation of our network members?
  • empower other network builders?
  • gain a better understanding of the needs of all stakeholders?
  • create a longer-term strategy for our network?
  • effectively facilitate a multi-stakeholder process?

Our approach

Whether you are building your network from scratch or are looking to create more long-lasting engagement and strategic development within an existing network, we can adapt our services to your context. We support you to assess and leverage the resources within your network, to enable more effective flow of information, decision making and stakeholder engagement.

We guide you to understand and develop the DNA of your network, and to empower your network members to take ownership and joint action. Our work is grounded in network and systems thinking, self-organisation and collective leadership. To explore how we can support your network, please get in touch.

We look forward to every exchange, training and consultation by Unity Effect. We appreciate overall the high level of awareness and emotional intelligence of its team members. We are glad that we have met each other. From Unity Effect you can always expect useful and practical impulses.
Frank Liffers
junge Stadt Köln e.V.
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