Network Building & Impact

We work together with community and network organisers to leverage the collective power of their network and evaluate their systemic impact.
We look forward to every exchange, training and consultation by Unity Effect. We appreciate overall the high level of awareness and emotional intelligence of its team members. We are glad that we have met each other. From Unity Effect you can always expect useful and practical impulses.
Frank Liffers
junge Stadt Köln e.V.

The Art of Measuring Change

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Case Study: Skills Innovation Network launched with the International Labour Organization (ILO)

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Our approach

Every network is unique, from the people who are part of it, to the way they interact, to the role it plays in its social context. At the same time there are key factors which thriving networks share, including a clear purpose, sense of belonging and a balance between personal benefit and responsibility for the whole. 

In our work we value both the unique and universal as we work to empower networks and communities. Our work encompasses three core aspects:
Seeing the system: visualising and understanding your network or community as a whole, with its actors, interactions and purpose.
Inner capacity building: empowering individuals with relevant knowledge, inner clarity and interpersonal skills.
Deliberate and joint action: creating spaces to come together, act, reflect and celebrate. 

How can we enable participation and impact that lasts? How can we support you to strengthen the DNA of your community or network? And how can we measure your impact and make it visible internally and externally? To explore these questions together, check out our services above or get in touch. 
Clients that trust us
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