Networks & Impact

A systemic, inclusive and purpose-driven approach to growing networks and measuring impact can be a powerful leverage point for joint action. Our interactive workshops give you an entry point to better understand and develop your network and impact. Learn best practices for building effective networks. Tap into the hidden potential within your network. Empower your members to drive your network. Discover the key ingredients for success in your context and create more success stories. And discover a systemic approach to impact measurement which deepens the internal understanding of issues and strengthens collaboration between actors.

Building blocks of effective networks

Learn how to create value and joint action in networks.

The hidden power of networks

Discover resources and respond to needs through visualising your network.

Empowering network drivers

Strengthen the capacities and engagement of the key people in your network.

Kick-starting a Community of Practice

Develop your network’s core identity and attract the players to get started with.

Identifying success stories

How to actively listen to experiences that brought value to your network.

Demystifying Systemic Impact

Learn and apply core principles and frameworks for systemic impact measurement.

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Further Services

Growing a network and approach to understand your impact takes time. We support you to build the foundation to deepen your work and build up essential capacities over time.

Network visualisation for events

Conferences create an opportunity for new connections, partnerships and joint projects to form. Nevertheless, it is challenging to understand this kind of impact if the information about newly formed connections is not captured. At the same time, much of the potential for impact is lost simply because the right people don’t meet. Our event-based network visualisation not only supports you to better understand the impact of your conference, but also enables participants to proactively connect with others based on relevant thematic areas, as well as skills and resources offered and needed. A network map can also form the foundation of a lively community that continues beyond the event itself. Get in touch to explore a network visualisation for your conference, event or community.
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Network Journey

Whether you are initiating a new network or community or deepening the work of an existing one, our Network Journey can support you to foster co-ownership and a shared direction. We guide you to define and strengthen the DNA of your community or professional network, including the purpose, values, central roles and processes. Over a period of 2-4 months, we work with a core group of network representatives in a series of interactive workshops, to develop both the central components of the network, as well as capacities for collective leadership and collaborative action.
For a practical case, you can read more about our work with the International Labour Organisation here. To learn more about a Journey for your network or community, please
contact us.

How can our network...

  • learn about key factors for building thriving networks?
  • leverage our collective potential?
  • empower network members to drive our network?
  • build supportive infrastructure which fosters engagement?
  • better understand what impact evaluation is (and isn’t) and which role it could play in our specific context?

Our approach

Every network is unique, from the people who are part of it, to the way they interact, to the role it plays in its social context. At the same time there are key factors shared across networks which enable them to thrive. In our work we value both the unique and universal as we work to empower networks and measure systemic impact.

Our trainers facilitate workshops which bring together theory, tools and methods, with reflection and hands-on activities to put learnings into practice. We work with you to adapt our tools and methods to your context, whether you are building your network or impact framework from scratch, looking to deepen your work within an existing network, or want to take a more holistic approach to evaluating and communicating your impact.
The workshop with Unity Effect with our community managers was great! I was very enthusiastic about the relaxed and open-minded atmosphere created by the speakers. I felt like I was in a safe space and we were able to learn a lot from each other's experiences.
Laura Herrmann
Hertie Foundation
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