Systemic Impact Evaluation

Impact evaluation can be intuitive, meaningful and energising! There is power in knowing why and how something works and impacts the lives of others (or why it doesn’t), and being able to communicate that internally and externally. For us, measuring impact is based on curiosity, joint learning and sharing knowledge and methodologies that capture human complexity. A systemic, inclusive and purpose-driven approach to impact can be an empowering process that reveals hidden opportunities and structural challenges, creates empathy and dialogues between actors and opens up scenarios for joint action. 

Demystifying Impact

Short interactive workshop formats that introduce the core ideas and frameworks for impact measurement and how to apply it in different contexts.

Network Visualisation

Visualise your network to explore hidden relationships and dynamics, identify untapped resources and respond to the needs of different network actors.


We guide networks and organisations to develop a conceptual framework, relevant indicators and a clear process to measure impact.

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Reclaiming Choice and Agency in a Networked World

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The Art of Measuring Change

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Case Study: Changemaker Journey with Bosch Alumni Network

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Case Study: Forum Zukunft - Mapping local sustainability actors in Bonn

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Being a strange attractor

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How can our organisation...

  • better understand what impact evaluation is (and isn’t) and which role it could play in our specific context?
  • show the impact of our work which can be difficult to measure with traditional approaches?
  • set up an impact evaluation framework with indicators and tools for data collection?
  • report to external stakeholders in a way which recognises the dynamic and complex nature of our work?
  • strengthen the way information, knowledge and learnings are circulated internally and support more evidence-based decision making within our organisation?

Our approach

We approach impact evaluation as a joint exploration and a dialogical process that involves multiple stakeholders. The art of impact evaluation is that it not only enables you to report and communicate about change, but also to deepen the internal understanding of issues and strengthen collaboration between actors.

Our work is grounded in research on networks and complex systems, and developmental approaches which focus on the strategic use of stories and qualitative data. We embed purpose-orientation and scenario planning as crucial aspects into the evaluation framework from the very beginning.

Our systemic approach encompasses both the ‘intangible’ aspects such as attitudes and cultural contexts, as well as aspects that are clearly visible and easier to measure. To learn more about our approach to impact evaluation, read our article The Art of Measuring Change.
We look forward to every exchange, training and consultation by Unity Effect. We appreciate overall the high level of awareness and emotional intelligence of its team members. We are glad that we have met each other. From Unity Effect you can always expect useful and practical impulses.
Frank Liffers
junge Stadt Köln e.V.
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