Teamwork & Leadership

In our fast-paced, uncertain world, teams and leaders need to be able to adapt, innovate and support each other more than ever before. Our interactive workshops support you to create an empowering and collaborative team culture. Empower and inspire others to lead. Tap into your strengths and core values. Grow your trust, appreciation and accountability. Bring more innovation into your processes and structures. And work together towards a shared purpose to create more impact.

Team decision-making

Learn tools & methods to make decision-making more inclusive, efficient & empowering.

Building psychological safety & trust

Explore conditions & practices to increase the magic ingredient for effective teamwork: trust.

Purpose & values in teams

Gain clarity about your team’s purpose & values and how they can support your work.

Self-organised teamwork

Develop the team culture, structures & processes which support empowered teamwork.

Leading in complexity & uncertainty

Learn frameworks, tools and practices for leading in uncertain and complex times.

Leading with purpose & values

Develop clarity about your purpose & values and how they can guide you as a leader.

Reflecting, learning & innovating

Build capacity & gain tools to develop a culture of learning & innovation in your team.

Digital event design & facilitation

Gain tools & methods to create engaging & efficient online meetings & events.

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Further Services

Developing leadership capacities, team cultures and embedding new tools and practices into your work is a process. Our guided online programs are designed to accompany your team or organisation on your path, with a deeper and more lasting impact.

Leadership Journey

12 weeks, 12 purpose-driven leaders. Our guided online leadership program supports you to grow as an empowered and empowering leader, while learning alongside others in a small and supportive group. Discover and develop your unique leadership potential. Gain skills and tools to build motivated, collaborative and effective teams. Build the leadership capacity in your team or organisation. Lead with purpose, create real impact. To learn more about the program, click here. To book a Journey for your organisation,
contact us.

Team Journey

Our Team Journey supports your team to build the foundations of collaborative, innovative and effective teamwork over 6-12 months. Through a series of online workshops, consultation calls and hands-on implementation, we support you to adapt and build the principles and practices of self-organisation into your team, whether you aim to become fully self-organised, or you want to build a culture of empowered teamwork within your existing structures. To learn more about the Team Journey or to book a Journey for your team,
contact us.
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Short course: self-organised teams

What exactly are self-organised teams, why are they relevant and how can you build one? Take our short online course to find out!
Our online course on self-organised teams explores the shift to more decentralised forms of leadership and teamwork, with lots of practical tools you can apply in your team.
Take our short course on Udemy now.

How can our organisation...

  • increase the level of trust and psychological safety in our teamwork?
  • make decisions in a more efficient, empowered and inclusive way?
  • bring more innovation into our existing structures?
  • put our purpose and values into practice?
  • lead and adapt in uncertain times?

Our approach

Each team and leader is unique. Our trainers facilitate workshops which bring together theory, tools and methods, with reflection and hands-on activities to put learnings into practice. Depending on the context you are working in, we can customise our workshops and programs to suit your needs.

We work with you to adapt our tools and methods to your working environment, whether you want to bring more innovative practices into your existing structures, build on a culture where there are already high levels of trust, or you want to develop the structures and culture of a newly formed team.
Working with Unity Effect helped our team get better at navigating complexity as well as empowering decision-making. I strongly believe in learning by doing so it's wonderful to have sessions where we can get to know new tools and also experience them on the spot. Thank you Clemens and Emily!
Julie Murat
COO, Bridge for Billions
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